TecPen Weld

Optochemical O2 sensorsystem for gaseous media


  • Monitoring of oxygen concentration in forming gases
  • Ensuring the highest quality welding seams by avoiding oxidation
  • High flexibility due to handy design
  • Immediate operational readiness, without warm-up time
  • High measuring accuracy


TS-System TecPen Weld O2 TecPen Weld O2/CO2
Measurement range 0-2000ppm 0-2000ppm O2 0-100% CO2
Range Accuracy Range Accuracy Accuracy
0-500 ppm ±2% Mev** 0-500 ppm ±2% Mev** +/- 5%Mv*
500-1000 ppm ±3% Mv* 500-1000 ppm ±3% Mv* 100% Range +/-5% Mv*
1000-2000ppm ±4% Mv* 1000-2000ppm ±4% Mv*
Resolution 1 ppm 1 ppm 0,01%
Temp. range Min./Max -10°C/ +60°C -10°C/ +60°C -25°C/55°C
14°F/140°F 14°F/140°F -13°F/ 131°F
Medium Gas Gas
Data Interface USB and Bluetooth 4.0 USB and Bluetooth 4.0 USB
Warranty 1 Year ex works 1 Year ex works

TecPen Weld O2 Data Sheet:


TecPen Weld O2/ CO2 Data Sheet: