tecsense_prozess_kontrolle_iconProcess Monitoring

 Oxygen – sensors
for process monitoring

tecsense_prozess_kontrolle_iconF & E

Oxygen – sensors
for Research & Development

tecsense_prozess_kontrolle_iconPackaging Monitoring

Oxygen – sensors for non-destructive monitoring of the residual oxygen in the

tecsense_prozess_kontrolle_iconMobile Devices

Portable monitoring equipment for multiple applications


We develop, manufacture and distribute optical oxygen sensors for measurement in gases and liquids.

Our innovative, sensor technology is outstanding in determining lowest to highest oxygen concentrations under the most difficult process and environmental conditions.

Our measurement technology guarantees accurate results in real time and ensures the highest quality in production and product development. We implement efficient processes and view our product prices as a benchmark.

Our mission is sustainable processes to protect the environment


Customer-specific sensor solutions

Components for equipment producers

OEM products

Sensors – Total Systems
including engineering solutions

New distribution partners in North America and South Africa