R & D – Research & Development

In the broad field of research and development, TecSense offers customised miniaturised oxygen sensors with fibre optics for direct measurement in the product as well as for non-destructive measurement in containers. They are mainly used in biotechnology, biology, pharmacy, medicine and for monitoring pharmaceutical products and medical devices.



Mobile Laboratory sensor system with integrated tablet PC



Mobile laboratory sensor system with 11mm sensor and USB port



Handset with Blue Tooth connection for the non-destructive quality control of inert gas packaging


They capture continuous oxygen consumption in dynamic biological processes (growth and supply of cellular systems and tissues and in biological / biotechnological processes). You receive information on the oxygen content in the smallest containers, in reference samples, in pharmaceutical packaging, in cell cultures and biological tissue. In this way, they prevent sup-optimal supply and thus reduced revenue performance in bioreactors or incorrect oxygen content e.g. in head spaces of pre-filled syringes, packaging, in yogurts or coffee powder, etc.


  • Measurement in small volumes with glass fibre sensors
  • Non-destructive and non-contaminating measurement
  • Measurement independent of flow rate, pressure and temperature
  • CIP and SIP (autoclavable up to 130° C and 2 atm steam sterilisation)
  • Short response time, depending on the degree of protection, minimum 1ms

Measurement in liquids from 10 ppb to 50mg/L
Measurement in gases of 1ppm – 100%
Measurement of pH 0-13

Glass fibre sensors (0.4mm diameter)
Adhesive spots for easy installation
Flow-cells with Luer-Lock connectors
Probe sensors (12 mm diameter)

Data analysis on PC, tablet or mobile phone, data transfer via Bluetooth or USB

Research fields

Biochemical / Biological Research
Biotechnology / Enzymatic processes
Research and development facilities
Tissue engineering

Medical Research
Oceanography and Limnology
Pharmaceutical Product and Process Development
Environment and water analysis