Process control

TecSense provides optimised solutions for process monitoring for accurate and continuous monitoring of the oxygen content directly in production processes even under difficult conditions with multiple connection options and direct data transfer to process control systems.

TecSense - TecPen for Welding

TecPen for Welding

Handheld device for controlling the oxygen concentrations during the production of high-quality welds



In-line sensor for general process control



Digital / analogue interface with DIN rail housing


You obtain accurate measurements in real time allowing process correction in good time, thereby minimising product losses and reducing costs. TecSense sensors are characterised by long service life, low maintenance and an outstanding price / performance ratio.


  • Measurement independent of flow rate, pressure and temperature
  • CIP and SIP (autoclavable up to 130° C and 2 atm steam sterilisation)
  • Short response time, depending on the degree of protection, minimum 1ms
  • Measurement in liquids 1 ppb to 50mg/L
  • Measurement in gases of 1ppm – 100%
  • Measurement of pH 1-13

Can be installed anywhere
Multiple connection options (Varivent, pipe connections, reactor walls, 11mm inlets, etc.)

Long service life (typically 6 months) and fast service (about 15 minutes)

Analogue/digital data transfer to the machine control system or to a local display device


Beverage industry
Food industry
Biotechnology / Biogas
Chemical industry
Electronics industry

Gas industry
Pharmaceutical industry
Petroleum & Petrochemical Industry
Power plants
Fish farming