Packing control

TecSense offers solutions for non-destructive, accurate and continuous 100% monitoring of the residual oxygen in packages and containers with an inert gas atmosphere during the packaging process and packaging machine monitoring.



Sensor system for non-contact, non-destructive 100% monitoring of the protective gas atmosphere on the packaging machines



Handset with Blue Tooth connection for the non-destructive quality control of inert gas packaging

TecsSense TecPen


Handheld device for oxygen measurement in modified atmospheric environments


You receive test results during the packaging processes in real time so process corrections can be made in good time! This minimises product losses and reduces costs. Random checks of the residual oxygen in tanks and retention samples allows you to optimise processes and quality control.


  • Non-destructive measurement for 100% monitoring of the residual oxygen in packaging
  • Measurement in machine speed
  • Mobile devices for sample checks
  • Adhesive spots for inspecting retention samples

Measuring range of 0.1% – 5% O2 or 0.1% – 100% O2

Machine-specific, in and after the sealing station

Self-adjusting, no maintenance required

Digital data transfer to the machine control system
Data transfer via Bluetooth to tablet and smartphone