Mobile Devices

For diverse monitoring of processes and products TecSense supplies mobile devices for sample checks, which send the measurement results via Bluetooth to a mobile phone or tablet, or display them directly. These mobile devices allow measurements to be taken with robust sensors for local production monitoring, using fibre optics in products and non-destructive techniques in packaging / containers



Handset with Blue Tooth connection for the non-destructive quality control of the atmosphere in the head space of closed containers and in inert gas packaging

TecsSense TecPen


Handheld device for oxygen measurement in modified atmospheric environments



Mobile Laboratory sensor system with integrated tablet PC

TecSense - TecPen for Welding

TecPen for Welding

Handheld device for controlling the oxygen concentrations during the production of high-quality welds


You receive measurement results for almost all applications – in the lab, in production, in tankers, in arc welding and many more. The results are displayed and documented on smartphones, laptops or tablets.


  • Measurements during production, during transport up to final testing
  • Measurement independent of flow rate, pressure and temperature
  • Non-destructive measurements in packaging and containers
  • Adhesive spots for easy application for non-destructive measurement
  • Measurement in small volumes with glass fibre sensors

Measuring range of 0.01% – 5% O2 or 0.1% – 100% O2

Flow-cells with Luer-Lock connectors
Probe sensors (12mm diameter)
Glass fibre sensors (0.4mm diameter)

User adjusted, no maintenance required

Digital data transfer to the machine control system
Data analysis via mobile phone or tablet, data transfer via Bluetooth or USB


Biotechnology / Biogas
Chemical industry
Electronics industry
Gas industry
Beverage industry

Fish farming
Insulating glass manufacturers
Power plants
Food industry
Pharmaceutical industry

Petroleum & Petrochemical Industry
Packaging industry