TecSense offers various dedicated sensor systems for in-line monitoring of pharmaceutical production processes and QC of packing processes. Contact less non-invasive sensors and inline sensors with T- piece pipe, Varivent, flat reactor connections and 11mm reactor inlet connections are offered.

Process control

TecLab USB

Low cost sensor system alternatively with glass fiber optics with smallest probes (0,4mm diameter) or flow through cells


TecControl Micro

General purpose in-line process control sensor for gases and liquids

TecLab BlueTooth

Portable sensor to control oxygen concentration in fluids and gases – sensor probe diameter 0,4mm diameter

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Packed pharmaceuticals



Contact less, non-invasive 100% control system for tray sealer packaging machines


Portable system for QC of modifies atmosphere packages – non invasive


Portable package control unit with blue tooth connection – invasive